Lloyd Bares All For His 'TRU' EP

Lloyd is shedding all of his fears, inhibitions, insecurities, and his clothes for the cover of his forthcoming TRU EP.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, Lloyd stated he is not exploiting himself by showing off his gorgeous melanated physique and luscious curly locks.

It’s about him accepting himself for who he is – flaws and all.

Here is my official cover art for “TRU”, the ep, which will be available for pre order this week on iTunes. This photo means a lot to me. It’s not about exploiting myself, as many would like to believe. Yet, it is about accepting myself for how I am. Letting go of all the fears, inhibitions, and insecurities that exist inside of all of me sometimes. Embracing the fact that my “flaws” are only projected onto me by others, but never existent inside of my own mind, because there are no perfect people out here in this world. And it’s about eliminating the gimmicks, the magic tricks, the stage antics. No auto tune when I record. No photoshop when I’m photographed. No pretending I’m something I’m not. I can accept what I have instead of longing for what I wish I did, and I know that even though that may not be good enough for everybody, somebody will love me more for it.

Lloyd’s TRU EP arrives on December 9. Do you plan to scoop it?