Ashley Ross, best known as Ms. Minnie on the Lifetime hit reality series, “Little Women: Atlanta,” was arrested for a DUI on Thursday.

Minnie was arrested in Chattanooga, Tennessee when police found her slumped over the driver’s seat of her SUV around 3 a.m.

When 5-0 woke her up, she reeked of alcohol and failed her field sobriety test.

Via TMZ:

When asked if she had any drinks earlier that night, cops say Minnie told them she had just 1 beer. She was instructed to get outta the car and given a series of field sobriety tests, which she bombed … swaying and using her arm for balance.

She was asked to recite the alphabet from letter E and stop at W … but Minnie stopped at Z. She was asked to count backward from 69 and stop at 39 but she stopped at 1.

Despite the very detailed police report … a source close to Minnie says she passed all of the field sobriety tests and she was texting — not asleep at the wheel — when cops showed up.

Minnie was placed under arrested and taken to Hamilton County Jail. She later released on bail.

The reality TV star wants you to know she is completely unbothered by her recent arrest.

Peep her recent post on Instagram:

Okay sis…just make sure you call an Uber after you’ve been drinking. Life is too short to be drinking and driving.

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