Little Boy Dies After Mistaking His Dad's Meth For Breakfast Cereal

An 8-year-old Indiana boy died after he ate his dad’s meth thinking it was breakfast cereal.

According to reports, the child ingested 180 times the lethal amount of methamphetamine.

Via New York Post:

Eight-year-old Curtis Collman III woke up early on June 21 and told his dad, Curtis Gilbert Collman II, that he wanted something to eat, the man told authorities, WDRB reported.

Collman II, 41 said there was no food in the Seymour house. But there was meth, that he left on a clear glass plate, he told authorities, the outlet reported.

Meth can be crystal-like, or brownish in color and could have been mistaken for cereal in low light, the outlet noted.

The child ate a staggering amount of the drug — 18,000 nanograms — toxicology results released this week revealed, the Seymour Tribune reported.

Collman II, 41, noticed his son was feeling sick around 10 a.m. and asked a friend to come over to help check him out, according to police documents obtained by NBC-Wave3.

But instead of taking the boy to a hospital like his friend suggested, Collman II allegedly ripped her cell phone away, pointed a gun at her head and screamed “I’m not going back to prison,” the Seymour Tribune reported.

He allegedly threatened to shoot her, himself and the boy if she called 911, the outlet reported.

The father then picked up his son and allegedly rushed to his mother’s house instead of a hospital, according to WAVE TV.

When they arrived, the boy began turning blue and his grandfather eventually called authorities.

The boy was taken to the Schneck Medical Center, where he later died.

The POS dad is facing a laundry list of charges including neglect that led to the death of a dependent and possession of meth.

A Jackson County judge shot down the request for a bond reduction.

Collman faces 40 years in prison. His trial is set for December 4.

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