LISTEN: R. Kelly Releases 19-Minute Song ‘I Admit’, Addresses Sex Cult Allegations, Molestation, Illiteracy & More

R. Kelly - I Admit

Welp. It appears R. Kelly is ready to make the song cry.

The Pied Piper released a 19-minute song titled, “I Admit,” where he delivered more tea than Lipton.

Kells addressed a number of pretty troubling allegations that have plagued his career from his [alleged] affinity for underaged girls, his [alleged] sex cult, his illiteracy and financial woes.

He also addressed being sexually abused and confessed to sleeping with his girlfriend’s best friend.

Whew chile…the TEA!

Here are a few the of things R. Kelly admits:

  • He feels like retiring.
  • He f*cked with a couple of fans.
  • He can’t spell for sh*t and he couldn’t read the teleprompter when the Grammys asked him to present. 
  • He drinks and smokes too much. 
  • He f*cked his girlfriend’s best friend.
  • He ain’t seen his kids in years.
  • He f*cks with all the ladies – old and young ladies.
  • He doesn’t own his music – he signed his publishing away.
  • He has dyslexia and couldn’t read his contracts.
  • He’s a broke @ss legend who only tours to pay his rent.
  • He was touched by a family member who took his virginity while he was asleep. The abuse continued until he was 14.
  • He misses his brothers, but added “they weren’t acting like brothers.”

There’s much more tea and crumpets in the song.

Listen below.



To be honest with you…the song sounds more arrogant and boastful than remorseful or cleansing.

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Let me know your thoughts.

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