Queen Najia Releases First Gospel Single 'War Cry'

Queen Naija wants you to know God is still working on her!

The R&B sensation has released her very first gospel single titled, “War Cry,” and she shared a special message with her fans about the inspiration behind the song.

Here it is, my first gospel single. I honestly was so nervous about putting this out, not because I’m ashamed of God, but because I know the judgment will come.

I know I don’t fully represent a full-blown Christian Right now, I’ve been through a divorce, now pregnant with child unmarried, my single Medicine talks about getting revenge, and I never wanted to send a double message.

But God is still working on me, he knows my weaknesses and struggles I need help with, and I just want y’all to still look beyond my faults and see and hear the message. We are in the last days.

And God is showing us the signs, though we may not feel ready yet, I ask God to continue to work on us all. Go stream #WARCRY

Listen to and download “War Cry” below.


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