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Welp, it looks like Lisa Bloom aka “Cap’n Save Em…They Don’t Wanna Be Saved” has cashed out on Blac Chyna!

According to The Blast, Lisa dropped Chyna as a client (for undisclosed reasons) on May 7 and has filed a lien against the model and reality TV personality for unpaid legal work.

You may recall, Lisa Bloom and front and center when Blac Chyna sued Rob Kardashian when he sought revenge after their split by posting her goodies on social media.

Chyna says she never signed a written agreement with Lisa, so she’s asking a judge to shut down all of her attempts to get a piece of any coins she may win in her lawsuit against Rob Kardashian and his family.

Via The Blast:

She adds, “The Bloom Firm’s conduct constitutes professional misconduct under California law because Lisa Bloom and The Bloom Firm engaged in conduct involving ‘intentional misrepresentation’ to this Court, the Parties, successor counsel, and Ms. White.”

Blac Chyna says Bloom was the one who dropped her on May 7 without justification. She says, as a result, her former lawyer waived all rights to attorney fees.

The lawyer who filed the court document for Chyna is a lawyer who has left Lisa Bloom’s firm to now work with Chyna solely.

This should be pretty simple to solve. Is Blac Chyna signed an agreement, where is it?

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