Jermaine Dupri - Usher in the studio

Usher Is Planning The Ultimate Clapback & Comeback

New reports claim Usher has been radio silent about all of the STD allegations and lawsuits because he’s herpes-free and he’s quietly gearing up to pass out lawsuits like gubment cheese at a community food program.

Reports also suggests Radar Online‘s article that kicked off this circus around Usher wasn’t accurate and the alleged court documents were pieced together to support the lie.

The only thing I can tell you with total confidence is Usher is back in the studio.

I don’t know if he’s in there making the song cry, writing Confessions 2K17, or if he’s working on a single so hot folks would rather dance than discuss his alleged health issues.

Jermaine Dupri posted videos on IG of him and Ush in the lab.

Watch below.


Until the next episode of As the Usher Turns



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