Lisa Bloom Defends Quantasia Sharpton

Lisa Bloom Defends Quantasia Sharpton

Rather than bombarding you with around the clock coverage of Usher’s alleged STD saga…I’ll offer a roundup of the latest scoop.

It appears Usher’s new accuser may be a habitual line-stepper, a chronic liar, and a scam artist.

After Quantasia Sharpton’s press conference on Monday, the ITF (Internet Task Force) went to work uncovering a history of her shenanigans from multiple aliases to claiming she was pregnant with August Alsina’s twins.

Things got super suspect when Usher’s accuser took to social media the day of her press conference and wrote, “I need some money.”

She also noted that she was “enjoying her last couple of hours as a regular girl.”

Quantasia Sharpton I need money


Lisa Bloom tried to explain away her client’s post saying, “It’s not a crime to be poor in America. It’s not a crime to be honest about the fact you need money. Most people need money.”

Bloom also expressed her disgust with the way Quantasia has been fat and body shamed online since coming forward.


I’m gone let Lisa Bloom and SCAMela Mann finish…

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