Rick Ross’ mother-in-law doesn’t mind if he cheats.

Lira Mercer‘s mother is ecstatic about her daughter’s engagement to Rick Ross.

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After the couple went public with the news of their engagement, Michele took to her Instagram account to wish her daughter and her future son-in-law well.

Lira Mercer mother - Rick Ross cheating

When a commenter informed Michele, who goes by the handle “Momma_Galore,” that Rick Ross was still involved with one of her girlfriends, her response was jaw-dropping.

According to Michele, she expects Rick Ross to cheat on her daughter. It’s “expected” because of his celebrity status. But, she’s perfectly fine with it as long as Lira continues to get diamonds, live in his palace, and be treated like a queen.

He a celebrity of course that’s to be expected! Tf! U thing we don’t know that? As long as ya home girl getting a wet a** while my baby getting diamonds, his heart & treated like a queen in his palace then who winning tho boo? Where your friends diamonds at?

When other commenters expressed their disgust in Michele’s logic when it comes to her daughter, she responded again and contradicted herself by saying she doesn’t condone cheating. She also added that men will be men and but she better not find out Rick is cheating on Lira.

I don’t condone no one doing my child wrong or cheating. But men will be mean & most of them do cheat. I better not find out tho. I don’t care what a person has.

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