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Welp…Lindsay Lohan is harassing Tamar Braxton online because she’s as salty as Morton’s about her mama, Dinah Lohan, not winning “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Lindsay started up her mess on Valentine’s Day when she commented “#cheapskate ??” under a post about Tamar on the “Celebrity Big BrotherInstagram page.

She doubled down by writing:

Finally #family @alianalohan #free @cbs_bigbrother you suck and get no Valentine’s from @lohanbeachclub @metv my mother is an AMAZING woman and she did so well. The secrets she told me a few hours ago are going to #EXPOSE #YOUALL #dinalohan #dwfm

But, oh…sip and slide Lohan didn’t stop there. She made her way over to Twitter to continue harassing Tamar.

Lindsay Lohan - Tamar Braxton

Tamar hasn’t even responded to this foolishness. She is probably somewhere house shopping with her $250,000 prize from winning “Celebrity Big Brother.”

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Obviously, Lindsay has forgotten the last time she harassed someone she got the taste slapped out of her mouth!


Hold up – wait a minute…Toni Braxton done got up in it!

Tamar’s big sis slid right over to Twitter to issue a simple warning to Ms. Lohan by simply telling her to “stay out of it!”

Peep the tweet below.

Toni Braxton - Lindsay Lohan

Yasss – Toni “Thee” Braxton!  

My spidey senses are telling me Lindsay is on the verge of getting slapped…again!

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