Christina Milian, who recently split from Lil Wayne, definitely felt some kind of way when she saw photos of him and his other, other boo, Dhea, kicking it with his family on Thanksgiving.

Tina Turn Up took to her Twitter account to blast Weezy too.

Christina Milian - Lil Wayne

Christina went on to tell a fan, “Point is I been over it and he knows it. And wanna still hit me up today talking bout he’s thankful for me and to PLEASE come see him. It’s stupid annoying and a mind game. I was stupid enough to keep falling for it before.”

Ironically, a few weeks ago, Karrine publicly offered Christina some backhanded advice after she was on her reality show crying over her breakup with Lil Wayne.

Karrine Steffans - Christina Milian

Now, they’re both crying over Weezy’s antics. Pure comedy.

Photos: Instagram | Twitter

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