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Lil Rel Howery Speaks Out About ‘The Carmichael Show’

Lil Rel Howery, who starred as Bobby Carmichael on “The Carmichael Show,” took to social media on Saturday morning to speak out about the show’s cancellation.

In the lengthy post, Lil Rel expressed his gratitude to Jerrod Carmichael, who announced he was leaving the show on Friday, for including him in such a great project.

He went on to pay tribute to each of his cast members before addressing fans.

Lil Rel wrote, “Don’t be sad for us just appreciate what we did and support the TV shows, specials and movies we do in the future.”

Read the full post below.

First of all I want to start out by saying how proud I am of Jerrod Carmichael… This amazing young talented black man is one the greatest bosses I’ve ever had besides being one of my closest friends his one of the people I respect more then anything… Thanks for letting me part of your dream that made my dream come true… Thank you for always staying true to yourself and your bold and honest voice… Loretta and David it was a dream come true to work with such legends I still pinch myself when I think about who I got to learn from and act with on screen… You guys taught me a lot about being professional and comedic timing… You guys deserve way more accolades then what you love already got 2 bonifide legends from Broadway to Hollywood… Amber and Tiff I love y’all so much and both of y’all are so talented… Amber I love your heart and all your amazing gifts including that voice… I gained a best friend in an already amazing actress… Tiffany you know what it is I’m so proud of you to see your rise in your career is simply amazing you’re a superstar who went thru so much but overcame everything… You’ve been one of my best friends the last 10 years and we did that… We still got more to do but everything we talked about at your south central crib or in your little geo metro we did that… Lastly to the amazing audience that watched our show thank you so so much for showing so much love online, at my shows and just on the streets… Please don’t stop watching this season… We did an amazing season of television… Our writers, producers and amazing showrunner Danielle to many people to name but thank you for being patient with me… To Gerry Cohen our director thank you for believing in me man… I got better and better because of you sir… All and all thanks for letting me be Bobby Carmichael… Even though things don’t always go his way lol he has a heart of gold and that’s what made him such a loveable guy to play…. Don’t be sad for us just appreciate what we did and support the tv shows, specials and movies we do in the future… Sorry for the long post but had a connecting flight lol and felt like saying all this… Keep Watching!!! ✌?

I’m so hurt over this. “The Carmichael Show” is one of the best shows on television!

Your thoughts?

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