Luis Rivera Arrested In Boston Raid

Luis Rivera, the father of child rapper, Lil Poopy, was arrested on Thursday during a huge raid in Boston that pulled guns and drugs off of the streets and left 40 gang members behind bars.

400 state, federal and local law enforcement officers executed early morning raids and arrested members of the 18th Street Gang, the East Side Money Gang, and the Boylston Gang.

Boston police Commissioner William B. Evans stated, “I just want to send a message to anyone who wants to be involved in gangs: We’re going to be on you, we’re going to find out who you are, and we’re going to take you down like we did today.”

U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz added, “This is the culmination of a 14-month investigation that targeted high-ranking members and associates of several gangs — most in Boston, but as far-reaching as New Hampshire and Rhode Island.”

Poopy’s father, known as “Fat Louis,” was a cocaine source for the Boylston Street Gang, according to court documents.

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In 2013, Brockton police filed a child abuse complaint against Rivera after seeing online videos of Poopy rapping about cocaine and guns.

The Department of Children and Families cleared Rivera of any abuse or neglect.

Lil Poopy recently competed on Jermaine Dupri‘s series, “The Rap Game.”