Lil Mo and her husband, Karl Dargan, were guests on “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday morning.

After listening to their interview, I knew it would only be a matter of time before Lil Mo would be getting dragged through the streets of social media.

Mo had several cringeworthy hot-takes from publicly threatening Queen Naija‘s boo, Clarence, to saying Fabolous doesn’t deserve to lose his legacy (even if he [allegedly] did knock out Emily B‘s teeth).

But, it was the moment when the singer broke down crying after explaining how she’s “saved” her patnas from sexual harassment claims by saying she didn’t “see nothing” only to be left hanging.

Watch below (29:30 mark):



Lil Mo is trending on Twitter and I’m sure you can only imagine the tweets!

Peep a few below:


Your thoughts?

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