Lil Mo took to social media to share her testimony about overcoming her drug addiction and being physically abused.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, the singer and reality TV personality talked about all of the money she’s spent on drugs and how a judge finally granted her a FULL PFA (protection from abuse).

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Lil Mo said she is sharing her story because “I’m gonna help someone heal.”

Read her post below.

BUT ? I ? DID!!!!!!! the OPPS is real mad that i can speak about not having to wake up and pop a 30 PLUS, addi, tramadol and/or whatever else was brought into the house by the devil. I was just the MONEY. Not gonna even CAP.

Spent sooooo much ? paying other people bills just to be high and a functioning addict. Glad i let the TOXIC GO!!!! I prayed for this GLOW. 2020 gonna be a BIG year for MY children and I. I got some more things to let go of. So many more people to cut off. More old habits to quit.

BUT to those that came to HELL to GET me OUT i appreciate you soooooo much. We LIT!! @woo__says@4evakenna7 @huggie_meyers@jdloving1 @ck1loving nobody knows what went on in the dark.

But now I’m GLOWING. Clean bitch, inside out. Was in and out of court because i was being PHYSICALLY abused. The judge finally Granted my FULL PFA (protection from abuse) which covers the whole world. NO CAP!!!

I had to let this GO. It’s been burning inside me bcuz i know I’m gonna help someone heal. I was ashamed when i hit the bottom. i wanted to die so bad. But i was HIGH and thinking it was OK cuz i could afford it. Im LIL MO. I’m famous. Famous people do drugs.

Until the day i heard the words “I’ll blow your fcukin head off and throw you over this balcony”!! Then i ran for MY LIFE!! 9 months ago. I haven’t looked back!!

Im at so much peace i don’t want it to be disturbed (save yourself then put the oxygen mask on everyone else) #glow#FNF ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️whatever you are dealing with Don’t take into the new decade.

We 28 days away. You can quit NEOWWWWWWW!! Don’t be embarrassed be empowered.

See Lil Mo’s original post:

You never know what someone is going through. I am so happy to hear Lil Mo is clean and back on track – especially for her children.