Lil Mo accepting Paypal donations and gift cards-1


As you can imagine, the post received an array of mixed responses.

One commenter wrote:

Stop saying this is for people she knows that is what BABY SHOWERS are for this is straight ghetto and low class!! Mo you better than this!

While another fan defended Mo writing:

Why on earth are y’all saying this is tacky, ghetto and low class? I’m sure fans have been asking could they send her a baby gift or entrepreneurs that make baby items. That’s the definition of ‘inquire’..she don’t NEED a damn thing from anybody….and if it’s Baltimore b**ches commenting, we all know damn well she work everyday….tacky is grown a** adults who failed reading comprehension in school and never addressed the issue….smh

Finally, a commenter nailed it by posting:

I wouldn’t call this tacky…distasteful is a better word. It has nothing to do with being black women. It’s just distasteful.

What are your thoughts on Lil Mo’s post?

Photos: Instagram

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