Lil Kim Files For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection

It’s hard out here for a pimp…when she’s tryna get this money for the rent…

Lil Kim has filed for Chapter 13 protection in New Jersey last month claiming she’s $4 million deep in debt.

The filing came after a bank foreclosed on the Hip Hop icon’s Alpine mansion. On top of that, Uncle Sam is pressing her for $1.8 million in unpaid taxes.

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Via NY Daily News:

The Grammy winner and former girlfriend of Notorious B.I.G. says her assets include a 2000 Mercedes worth $4,200, a 2005 Bentley worth $52,600 and jewelry worth $25,000.

Jones lists her cash on hand as $2,500.

According to the filings, Jones spends $2,200 a month on wardrobe, $10,410 a month on travel and entertainment, and $2,317 on staff.

Beyond her IRS tax bill, she also owes $376,346 in New Jersey state taxes, her court paperwork states.

Lil Kim has proposed a plan to chop down the debt by offering to pay $5,500/mo to creditors to get back on track.

She’s due back in bankruptcy court in July.

I hope they are willing to work with her.

Photos: Lil Kim IG