Lil Kim Checks Radio DJ For Asking Her About Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim recently stopped by The Real 92.3 LA to chat about her new single, “Nasty Ones,” her forthcoming album and Hip Hop in general.

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But, the moment everyone is buzzing about is when the Queen Bee checked Bootleg Kev for asking her how she feels about Nicki Minaj naming her new project, Queen.

Kimmy made it very clear that she did NOT come to that radio station to talk about Nicki.

She also made it crystal clear that whatever mess they had going on between them is in her rearview mirror.

Then, Lil Kim proceeded to check Kev about purposefully pitting female artists against each other.

Watch the epic moment below.



Good for Lil Kim! Let them know, sis!

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