Karen KK King jailed maserati

Karen “KK” King Speaks Out

So this sh*t don’t get no worst these people are forever trying to humiliate me, but I’m in such a good place in my life right now I don’t have time to entertain the BS the devil is on my line, but guess what I’m going to keep hanging up on him Period. @tmz_tv @tmzlive @vh1lhhtea @vh1 and don’t call me and ask me what happened because you don’t give a damn @vh1 @stayready_nbl @sas_nbl @torikristina_ @da_nana365 @lyfslesnz

All I can do is keep slapping the sh*t out of the devil, my was bail 500 on 90.000 car cause it’s bullsh*t and if that Atlanta fine cars is listening you people are going down not me with all those bullsh*t ass games y’all play down there my paper work is in order so leave me alone.


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