Karen KK King mugshot

Karen “KK” King Speaks Out After Being Jailed

Karen “KK” King is speaking out after she was tossed in the slammer on Monday.

When the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star appeared in court to deal with her fraud case and got jammed up on a warrant for missing payments on her Maserati.

Via TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us Karen was taken into custody Monday in Atlanta on a warrant for her arrest … for allegedly skipping car payments on a Maserati.

She was there to deal with her pending identity fraud case, but we’re told she was taken away by deputies when the court clerk announced the car payment warrant.

As we reported … Karen stands accused of skipping months of payments on the Maserati she bought in 2014, which led to a judge signing off on the warrant back in October. She’d been MIA ever since.

Karen took to social media after she was released on $500 bond and slammed folks for trying to humiliate her.

She also told VH1 not to even bother trying to reach out to her.

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