Lewis Hamilton is gracing the August 2018 issue of British GQ wearing a kilt.

The Formula One race car driver did so in an effort to make amends for shaming his nephew on social media for wearing a princess dress.

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Via British GQ:

As well as wanting Hamilton to address the issue, we wanted him to appear on our cover either wearing something prominently pink or in something approximating a skirt or a dress.

At the start of the year, when we found out that Hamilton was about to be appointed as an ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger, designing his own line for the brand, we suggested the idea to Hilfiger himself. Unsurprisingly, Hilfiger jumped at the idea, although Hamilton’s people were initially circumspect, worried that this would stir up the story again.

As it was, when we suggested the idea to Hamilton himself, he loved it and set about designing his own kilt. He was aware he’d made a public mistake and he wanted to make a very public acknowledgement of this, obviously empowering his nephew in the process.

Check out another photo of Lewis in his amends-wear:

Read Lewis’ full interview at British GQ.

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