Mariah Carey - Tiny Harris - Floyd Mayweather

Tiny Harris is speaking out about her photo op with Floyd Mayweather at Mariah Carey‘s Halloween Bash over the weekend.

T.I.‘s wife left folks scratching their heads when the group pic with her and Floyd side-by-side surfaced considering the past drama between herself, the boxer, and her husband.

The Queen of the Harris castle explained to TMZ that it was Mariah who put her in the awkward position when she beckoned her to snap a group photo with her hubby’s adversary.

Man, I was walking out of the party and Mariah and ‘nem were taking pictures and she asked me, ‘Tiny come take this picture with me.’

I’m just not going to say ‘No’ and make a big scene of it. I just took the picture and kept it moving. It was very quick and painless.

Watch as Tiny explains below.


Did a simple pic really warrant an explanation?