There is nothing worse than a confused demon…

The Twitter troll who launched an online attack on Leslie Jones in July says he has no regrets because he was doing “God’s work.”

Nightline” wasted an interview segment talking to Milo Yiannopoulos, the self-proclaimed Donald Trump supporter and gay Catholic who slammed Leslie over her role in Ghostbusters.

Milo led the brigade of trolls who called  Jones racial slurs and compared her to an ape. He was ultimately banned from Twitter for life for his actions.

Like most lowlifes, he’s not remotely remorseful. “This idea that celebrities are these fragile wallflowers. Give me a break,” he told “Nightline.”

At one point during the interview, Terry Moran became so disgusted by Milo that he began hurling insults at him.

Watch below.



What a wicked man.

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