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There is nothing worse than getting caught up in someone else’s drama while you’re minding your own God-given business.

Leslie Jones did not appreciate her name being brought up in the midst of Katt Williams and Kevin Hart‘s shorty showdown and she’s not mincing words about it!

Apparently, in their back and forth, both comedians are taking credit for putting Leslie on!

Sis said it was Chris Rock who looked out for her – not them!

In a statement to Bossip, the comedian and “Saturday Night Live” advised both men to keep their mouths shut unless they’re using it to pleasure her nether region. Yikes!

Real talk both of them n—-s need to keep my name out they mouth unless they using it to eat my p—y REAL TALK!

None of those n—-s put me on or any woman. While he talking about Katt what did he do to put women on he didn’t help females they wasn’t on his tour F–K THAT N—A!

At least Katt put me on his tour. Kevin could have put me on a long time ago but he never respected me or my comedy and trust I can call his card he know I can. Both Kevin and Katt was the same to women like all these n—-s in this game. Sh-tty. and still is.

Women have never had it good. At least Katt put women on his tour or shows. How many shows back in the day didn’t have a woman on them. Kevin that mf told me one time I would never make it.

Oh, but she wasn’t done…

So I’m calling all cards I ain’t got to lie I made it without either one of them. Chris Rock was the one who put me on and Neal Brennan a WHITE comic/writer. Not them!! And I still had To work my f—ing ass off to make it happen!!

So nobody is telling the truth! everyone need to shut the f–k up!! Before I tell what’s really real!! And they all know I know. I haven’t said s–t about anyone and if I do I keep it real and respectful and honest.

What’s upsetting me is anybody SAYING ANYTHING!! Shut the f–k up and do your f—ing job cause this ain’t it. While y’all on columns downing each other and lying on each other no one is telling jokes. SHUT UP AND DO YOUR F–KING JOB!! Keep my name out your mouth I don’t talk about any of you!!

Listen! Leslie don’t play. They best leave her out of their mess!

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