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Lee Daniels On The Future Of ‘STAR’: ‘It Ain’t Happening’ (Video)

Lee Daniels reveals he was unsuccessful in his fight to get his series, “STAR,” picked up by another network.

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On the heels of saying he was going to fight to save his music drama, “STAR,” Lee Daniels delivered some disappointing news: “It ain’t happening.”

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In a video posted on his Instagram page, the co-creator of the show wrote:

Thank you guys for loving Star! I’m at a loss for words to describe my sadness. So I’m gunna just say THANKS ….to my incredible cast and crew and FANS!!!! And a shout out to #foxtv for letting us into your homes every Wednesday 💫❤️

See his original post below.

This is extremely disappointing news because I need closure after that season 3 finale.

Oh well…another one bites the dust.

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