LeBron James Slams Celtics Fans For Burning Isaiah Thomas' Jersey

LeBron James Slams Jersey-Burning Celtics Fans

Fans are fleeting, bruh!

LeBron James took to social media to share his disgust with Celtics fans burning Isaiah Thomas‘ jersey after he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Their actions hit home for LeBron, who watched fans in his hometown set his jersey ablaze when he took his talents to the Miami Heat.

LeBron questioned if the fans understood Isaiah was traded, he didn’t choose to leave. He also pointed out that the man played after the tragic death of his sister to avoid letting the fans down.

And this is how they repay him??

Any fan who burns his jersey is burning money THEY’VE spent to buy the jersey.


At the end of the day, Isaiah Thomas is good. I wish him the best as he starts his new beginning in “The Land.”

Your thoughts?

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