Masika Kalysha - Fetty Wap

Masika Kalysha Defends Fetty Wap

After Fetty Wap was popped for driving drunk and drag racing on Friday morning, the one eye jokes rolled it and Masika Kalysha wasn’t having it!

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The “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star blasted commenters on Instagram, calling them “sick, childish and disgusting” for making jokes about the rapper’s disability.

How long we gonna do the 1 eye jokes? Smfh this man has lived his whole damn life with 1 eye and accomplished more than everyone in these damn comments.

The fact that y’all take a disability that someone has overcome and make jokes about it every chance you get is sick, childish and disgusting.

I’m pretty sure he’s heard every single 1 eye joke under the sun so none of u comedians are original.

He got a DUI okay he’s fine he’ll be in the studio tonight make a song about it smh

See the post below.


Masika better cape for her baby father!

And I do agree that it’s not cool to make fun of someone’s birth defect or disability no matter how poor their decisions are.

But, unfortunately….people are gonna people.