Kevin McCall Threatens Michael Sterling

Welp. It looks like Kevin McCall is still standing in the need of prayer.

The singer and producer took to social media and threatened Eva Marcille‘s fiancé, Michael Sterling, over an adorable photo of him and Marley Rae.


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Kevin wrote:

She’s a Real b**ch for this and I’d say it in front on of @miketsterling stop letting her make you do #politicallyincorrect sh*t or take a private meeting with me council man. Otherwise sit back like the little b**ch you are.

Private meeting or nah? ? lol #Offtherecord of course Coucil Man ? but stop doing Un- honorable sh*t bro…ask Question have some honor or imma expose the p***y in you unless you can expose it in me in our private meeting ? (you not built like this bow out gracefully I’m from watts and hell and Back) let’s meet at @onechurchla in private Dm’ng my info now Council Man.

I can’t be the toughest n***a in town look how skinny I’ve gotten ?

Who suggests they meet at CHURCH to shoot a fair one?! And isn’t it “dishonorable,” not “un-honorable?”

The good news is Michael is not indulging the foolishness. Which is probably in his best interest.

Eva Marcille obtained a restraining order against Kevin McCall after she said he went berserk and snatched their baby girl from her arms.

Since then, Kev has had a documented history of popping off, beefing and threatening everyone from Wale to Eva’s own cousin on social media.

Homie needs help because Iyanla didn’t get the job done.