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Lauryn Hill Sues Her Cousin Over $65,000 Loan

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It’s funny how money changes situations…

Lauryn Hill has reportedly sued her cousin for failing to repay a $65,000 loan.

According to Bossip, the punctually-challenged singer and rapper may have loaned the money to Gerald Hill to save his home that had gone into foreclosure.

Under their written agreement, he was to repay the loan within 3 months to avoid 10 percent interest.

Gerald’s repayment is later than Lauryn showing up for one of her concerts!

Via Bossip:

Lauryn Hill said that despite her demands that he pay the money back immediately, her wayward relative hasn’t paid her a dime. Under the terms of their contract, if Gerald Hill defaulted, Lauryn Hill could force him to pay the entire amount, plus her lawyer’s fees and other costs if she had to sue to get the money back.

Lauryn Hill may have given Gerald Hill the loan to help the man try to get his modest Maplewood, NJ home out of foreclosure. BOSSIP’s attempts to reach the man were unsuccessful Thursday.

Lauryn Hill wants her $65,000 back, as well as interest and money damages for the losses she said she suffered by her relative allegedly leaving her high and dry, according to court docs.

It be your own people.

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