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L Boogie strikes again!

Fans took to the streets of social media and blasted Lauryn Hill for showing up 2 and a half hours late for her show at the AccorsHotel Arena in Bercy.

To add insult to injury – once she did finally take the stage, she only performed for 20-30 minutes.

Peep the tweets!



Lauryn Hill took to Facebook to issue an apology for the kinks with her production that caused her to be tardy for her own musical party…ONCE AGAIN.

Dear Brussels and Paris,

We apologize for the late start. We’re working through the kinks of moving the production to Europe, with time
changes and curfew restrictions, we’ve had a few challenges in these early shows.

With deep gratitude I come on stage to perform an album that means so much to so many. Every day we push past inertia to present something sincere. Thank you for coming, supporting and for your patience and understanding. We’re excited about this entire European run, and looking forward to the show tomorrow!

Merci Beaucoup de votre amour,


See her original post below.


Why would anyone in 2018, the blessed year of Lord, still buy tickets to a Lauryn Hill concert and not expect to get violated in some way shape or form?

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