We are hours away from a new decade and while many are posting highlight reels on social media Lauren London is reflecting on the year that “changed the rest of her life.”

The actress posted a brief statement on her Instagram story where she spoke on the loss of Nipsey Hussle.

2019 changed the rest of my Life.

My existence shifted Half of me is in Heaven and the other half is here to pick up and continue. 

Things will never be the same. 

But everyday I still wake up and Pray Lord, Use Me.

Long Live Ermias.

Lauren London - Nipsey Hussle

Lauren also shared a photo of herself and Nipsey on last New Year’s Eve.

Lauren London Reflects On Losing Nipsey Hussle

Her words are heartbreaking. But, her strength and resilience is inspiring.

Sending love and prayers to Boog and her family.