Laura Govan ordered to pay Gilbert Arenas $110,000 for STD emails


Laura Govan has been ordered to pay Gilbert Arenas over $100K for emotional distress.

The former “Basketball Wives LA” star has been in a nasty knockdown drag out fight with the father of her five children over everything from child support to their care and well-being.

Chris Brown and Nia Guzman have nothing on these two.

Gilbert sued Laura for libel after she allegedly wrote a nasty email about how he gave her an STD. Then, she leaked it to all of the blogs.

The ex-NBA star claims the email humiliated him and distracted him from working on his app. He was asking for seven figures in damages.

Gilbert Arenas received a default judgement in the case, however the judge opted to only award him $110,000 because there wasn’t a million dollars worth of evidence.

Not to mention, Laura claims her income is limited.

You can’t tell from all of the Insta-stuntin’ she does.

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