Tamar Braxton - Vince Herbert - Laura Govan - Gilbert ArenasLaura Govan Speaks Out About Vince Herbert

All eyes were on Laura Govan after Tamar Braxton accused the former “Basketball Wives” star of having an affair with Vince Herbert.

According to Tamar, it was Gilbert Arenas who gave her the tea.

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Laura denies creeping with Vince. She told The Shade Room that he’s “not her type at all” and added that she would never disrespect Tamar like that.

“Vincent is not my type…at all,” said Laura. “I have nothing but respect for Tamar and Vince, but none of this is true. Apparently Tamar had been a little inebriated while she was talking reckless on Instagram. I would never, ever disrespect her in that way, but, understandably, she’s hurt.”

Laura continued, “Gil is just trolling, because he’s upset that I’ve moved on.” Laura has been mixing some creme in her dulce de leche—a white boy-toy whom she’s been dating for over a year. She tells us that she’s in love and her man is not happy with Gilbert showing out with the pettiness.

“Instead of spreading lies about me, Gil should be focusing on paying his child support,” which the former NBA player has been negligent on since September. “I’ve done a good job of ignoring all of the lies and hurtful things he’s done towards me for the past two years. I’m good on the bullsh-t!”

Gilbert responded to Laura’s statement with a whole heap of pettiness:

I was trying to enjoy the last of 2017 but I see my BM decides she wants to use me to clear up her dirt.

Well, well, well #MsInRealLife you must have forgotten that I have all the court documents and in those court documents are ALL your bank records AND in those bank records ARE these little things called (wire transfers) and with wire transfers comes (senders) which either has they name or they bank account numbers…from 2015 through October of 2016, I would have every person that sent you money ?? #hoe #hoe #hoe Merry Christmas you were BUSY BUSY.

He went on to add:

So pls #MsInRealLife handle your situation without using me as your scapegoate becuz from my view if this doc got into the wrong hands a lot of married women laughing at this post will be filing for divorce in 2018 ??? zip it up and zip it out.

What a messy mess.