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LaRoyce Hawkins Talks ‘Chicago P.D.’ & No Snitching

This week, NBC’s hit cop drama, “Chicago P.D.” will directly address the “no snitching” code that has plagued the black community for years.

LaRoyce Hawkins, who stars as Detective Kevin Atwater on the show, spoke with Ice Cream Convos about their upcoming powerful episode titled, “Snitch,” which is slated to air Wednesday, October 18 at 10/9c on NBC.

Here’s the scoop on the episode:

While investigating a drug-related homicide, Intelligence is stonewalled by the ‘no-snitch’ culture of the neighborhood. And Atwater discovers a personal connection to the case.

Meanwhile, the police’s own code of silence is put to the test when Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) is asked about Ruzek’s (Patrick John Flueger) rough altercation with a suspect.

During our convo, LaRoyce revealed why he feels “Snitch” is one of the best episodes of “Chicago P.D.” yet.

He also shared his thoughts on the “no snitching” culture in the black community.

Read a few excerpts from our awesome convo below.


LaRoyce on why the “Snitch” episode is a must-see:

The episode, in my humble opinion, is probably the one of the best episodes that ‘Chicago P.D.’ has ever done and I’m grateful to have been that voice in an episode so powerful.

It was important for the writers and for the performers also to really make sure that we did an authentic job, in not just representing Chicago and South Side Chicago, Englewood specifically, but also representing the culture in a way that was honest and authentic.

LaRoyce on labeling someone as a “snitch”:

I don’t think it’s fair to call or label someone a ‘snitch’  who doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the situation in any way, but does not trust the police enough to comply or to cooperate.

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LaRoyce shares why he feels the “Snitch” episode will be effective and impactful:

We don’t beat the audience over the head with an oversaturated vibe of something negative or cliché.

The performances did a great job of showing the authentic perspective of each individual family and each individual in that community that has to deal with those consequences [of talking to the police] and what that means for them.

If nobody truly understands those subtle details about why the people in the community don’t trust the police or why they might be afraid for their families or why they might consider their own consequences – if nobody gets to see those stories the [no snitching] myth will continue to somewhat plague the community or the culture in a way that it doesn’t deserve.

We label it as ‘no snitching,’ but in real-life there are consequences underneath all of those layers that I think this episode does a great job of portraying.

LaRoyce shares his hometown connection to “Chicago P.D.”:

The best part about this show is it’s right here where I grew up. I grew up in Harvey, which is like 20 minutes south of Chicago.

This show has afforded me the opportunity to grow to be more elaborate of the artist that I started off being, which is dope and I’m glad that I’m doing it right here at home where I’m grounded.

Listen to my full convo with LaRoyce Hawkins below.


Watch the “Chicago P.D.” promo for “Snitch” below:


Do not miss “Chicago P.D.” this Wednesday night at 10/9c on NBC.