Someone is threatening Terrence Howard‘s life and he believes it’s his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent.

An Instagram page created 41 weeks ago, is targeting the “Empire” star and his current wife, Miranda with threats like, “I’m watching you…” and “You two won’t live to see your children.”

As you may recall, Terrence and Michelle’s marriage was a smorgasborg of tomfoolery that involved alleged verbal and physical abuse, extortion, and blackmail.

Last July, Terrence Howard filed court papers claiming he was extorted and blackmailed by Michelle Ghent into signing a ridiculous $350,000 divorce settlement after their one year marriage went up in smoke.

Terrence Howard Wants His $350K Divorce Settlement Thrown Out Because He Can’t Afford It

The LAPD has obtained a search warrant affidavit to investigate whether or not Michelle is behind the online harassment and threats.

In the meantime…I highly suggest Mr. and Mrs. Howard should beef up security.