Lance Gross Gets Roasted For His Clean-Shaven Face, Claps Back At Women Who Wear Weaves & Makeup

Lance Gross Shaves His Face For New Role

Lance Gross Gets Roasted For His Clean Shaven Face

Now, y’all know Lance Gross is one of my fave scoops of chocolate, but the streets of social media got cold on Monday night when he showed off his clean shaven face.

The actor revealed butt-naked face is for a new role where he will play a police officer.

New Project Alert…Hint Hint…I’m playing a #olbootyfacecop #imhypedthough #stayworking #icriedinthecarwhenileftthebarbershop #dopeproject #upwardclimb #mycostarisdope #mydirectorisdope #whythef**khasntvarietyannouncedityet #ikidikid #noforrealthoineedmyfacialhairback #berkeleydidntrecognizeme #shesaidmamawhothisolbootyfaceman #littlepimplespopin #idefinitelyhardenedmyfacialexpressionithispicturesoiwouldntlook16 ??

Lance knew folks would react to his new look, thus all of the hashtags to try to downplay it.

But, he didn’t expect and wasn’t ready for the Twitter roasting he received from the women who usually gush over him.

Lordt! Lance Gross caught feelings and fired back with this tweet:


In his initial clapback he spelled “enhancements” with an “i” and only made things worse.



Peep the Twitter roasting of Lance Gross on page 2.


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