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Lamar Sally Speaks Out About Sherri Shepherd

Lamar Sally is speaking out about his ugly battle with his ex-wife, Sherri Shepherd, over their 19-month-old son, Lamar Jr., born via surrogate.

The couple began the processes of having a child via surrogate, but when the marriage went south, Sherri wanted out of everything…including the child.

Unfortunately, for Shepherd a judged ruled she is indeed LJ’s legal mother and she is financially responsible for $4,100/mo in child support.

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Lamar Sally said Sherri basically begged for a family – then abandoned them.

What good Christian woman would abandon a child?

He’s such a good kid. He wants love and I’m scared: Am I giving him enough? Am I enough for both parents?


Via Page Six:

In late 2013, after a draining IVF and surrogate process — plus about $100,000 in fees, most of which Sally admits Shepherd footed — the couple had a male embryo implanted in a surrogate living in Pennsylvania. Sally remembers of the gender choice, “[Sherri] said, ‘I don’t want a girl — I’m not doing any girl’s hair.’ ”

Sally admits the “happy” couple had some problems, but never argued.

“She had trust issues,” he says. Shepherd’s ex, Tarpley, had secretly fathered a child with his mistress while married to Shepherd.

Sally says that weekly couples-counseling sessions had little effect on helping his wife trust him. Their therapist even tried to appeal to Shepherd. “ ‘This is a good guy. You have to let stuff go,’ ” Sally recalls the counselor saying.

The lack of trust extended to their finances. Sally, who signed a prenup, says that his name was never added to the deed of the million-dollar Allendale, NJ, house they shared, nor did the newlyweds share joint bank accounts.

‘She said, “I can’t be the wife and mother you need. You can take the kid and go to LA”‘

Still, life was moving forward. Jessica Bartholomew, their surrogate, was 20-weeks pregnant when Shepherd went with her to a sonogram appointment. “She seemed excited to see the ultrasound,” Barthomelew tells The Post.

But one month later, during therapy, Sally claims Shepherd blindsided him.

“She said, ‘I can’t be the wife and mother you need. You can take the kid and go to LA.’ ”

Sally recalls going into shock. “I said, ‘I love you. We don’t have that many problems, but the ones you do have you need to confront. We have a baby on the way and he needs a mother. I’ll meet you halfway.’ ”

Sally says Shepherd told him, “ ‘We’ll work out visitation and I’ll pay you child support.’ ”

In the meantime, he was still living with Shepherd — sleeping in the guest room, but hopeful his wife would have a change of heart. “We talked, we got along, we had dinners together,” he says.

Two weeks after the therapy session was Sherri’s birthday, April 22. Sally was hurt that his wife didn’t want him at the on-air party “The View” threw her. “Something told me, ‘Check her e-mail.’  I’d never done that before.”

Sally walked into the office and saw Shepherd’s e-mail was open. He claims he scrolled through and hit on a land mine. The e-mail was from a lawyer who, it turned out, Shepherd already had on a $10,000 retainer. “It said, ‘We will get you out of the surrogacy contract. We don’t think it’s enforceable,’ ” Sally remembers.

“My stomach dropped, I burst into tears. This is someone I love. How can you get out of being a mother to this child?”

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