Lamar Odom kidnapped

Lamar Odom is laughing off a new report that claims he was kidnapped by bookies and held for ransom over his alleged gambling debt.

The gossip site reported:

Khloe Kardashian‘s troubled ex-husband spent two days with his captors while his girlfriend — and her 2-year-old daughter — were terrorized at gunpoint!

Lammy took to Instagram and joked off the report writing:

??? @radargram i also got lost in a rabbit hole together with my kidnapers, rapunzel and the 7 dwarfs saved me! We all lived happily ever after ?????. Can you please add this to the story?

Don’t leave out the juicy facts?? ? this bullsh-t makes me wanna start my own gossip online platform and report stories only about me ?. What y’all think?

I certainly hope this was just one of those “slow news day” stories. But, based on Lamar’s history and unfathomable adventures – you just never know.

What do you think?

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