Lala Anthony stopped by “The View” on Thursday to chop it up about the 6th and final season of “Power.”

While chatting with the ladies, Lala was asked about fan reactions to LaKeisha’s story arc this season and she said fans are not happy with her – or her character.

Lala went on to explain die hard fans of “Power” are so invested in the show they seem to have trouble separating real-life from TV.

People are not happy with Keisha these days and they are not afraid to let me know!

When I’m out – I’m like, ‘You do realize that’s just my character, right?!’ And they’re like, ‘No! I hate you on the show! You’re this…you’re that…’

And I’m like, ‘It’s not me tho…it’s my character.’

But, people are so invested in ‘Power’ that it’s like real-life to them and they cannot separate real-life from TV. 

For people to be so mad at my character is a testament of me doing my job and really bringing that character to life and her storyline this season – it’s been really fun. 

Watch the clip below as Lala Anthony talks “Power.”

Preview episode 8 of “Power” before it airs on Sunday:

Are you watching and enjoying the final season of “Power?”

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