Kodak Black‘s remarks regarding Lauren London days after the untimely passing of Nipsey Hussle has resulted in a firestorm of backlash from the likes of T.I., The Game, and Tank.

Some radio stations and clubs have vowed to stop playing Kodak’s music despite the rapper offering a half-hearted apology.

Los Angeles radio legend Big Boy had the perfect response to the foolishness and I would be remiss if I did not share it with you.

Read his full post below.

I won’t disrespect my timeline posting a pic of Kodak Black. However, I will say this, I’m not here for the blatant disrespect and fake ass apologies. To disrespect the King Nipsey and The Queen Lauren, is where I draw the line. Hip Hop has been very disrespectful lately. Not only is this disrespectful to Hip Hop, but this is disrespectful to a beautiful human being, spirit and a legacy.

Sometimes I feel a certain way, but I don’t publicly speak out. I just don’t f*ck with the person, place or thing. This one, I can’t just keep it on a personal chill.

I’ve been a child of Hip Hop for a looooooong time. Hip Hop raised me and I’ve raised Hip Hop. I’m not new to this or fake with this. I’m a soldier!!!! I’m not just Phone Taps and funny interviews. Check my pedigree.

I will not stand by and let Kodak Black come between an allegiance I have with dear FRIENDS. Nipsey’s honor can’t be disrespected like this. We must put a shield around @LaurenLondon and his ENTIRE Family. We can’t allow these things to happen. Nipsey wouldn’t. We look the other way and forgive too easily.

I’m a black man first and I love all that deserve my love. I’m with unity, however, we must discipline our own as well. This isn’t about radio or dropping records, that’s been done. This is about protecting a LEGACY and holding people accountable. This may not change Kodak Black now, but I pray it changes his or someone’s future.

For all those out there that wanna disrespect and play with royalty, I advise you to think “THRICE”. Long live the spirit, knowledge and wisdom of Nipsey Hussle. This has to be the standard FOREVER!!!

The Marathon continues ????

(I’m blocking the bullsh*t from now on. Try me)

See his original post below.

Well said, Big Boy.

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