Mariah Carey - LA Reid


L.A. Reid is in the business of selling records not dreams!

In a recent interview with Billboard, the Epic Records CEO spoke candidly about signing Mariah Carey and kept it very real when discussing their expectations with her latest single, “Infinity.”

L.A. Reid told Billboard, the chances of Mimi scoring another no. 1 record is “not realistic.”

Mariah Carey made her first hit record in 1991. To even be on the radio at this point in her career is a huge accomplishment, because radio doesn’t cater to veteran artists or legends. Radio caters to in-the-moment stars.

Nobody that put out records 25 years ago is going to have a No. 1. Not Paul, Stevie, Bruce, Mick or Keith. Not Prince, not anyone. So if she can get on the radio, we’ve done damn good.

Would we like to have a No. 1? F**k yeah, I’m greedy. But it’s not realistic.

So much for being optimistic.

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