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When I originally reported “That’s So Raven” star Kyle Massey was being sued by a 13-year-old girl for sexual misconduct – like many of you…I had A LOT of questions!

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My biggest question was: Why was a lawsuit filed, but not a police report?

Well, ICC Friends…it looks like Kyle’s mother, Angel Massey, is spilling more tea than the Sons of Liberty in Boston!

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In a series of posts on her social media page, Mrs. Massey posted the accuser’s name and face, she also shared screenshots of email correspondence between herself and the accuser’s attorney, and she made some pretty shocking allegations of her own regarding the lawsuit against her son.

According to Kyle Massey’s mother:

The accuser is not a minor, it’s actually the mother, whose name is Kindra Andreas.

(Demand Letter screenshot below) Kindra’s attorney gave Kyle until March 6, 2019, at 5 p.m. to cough up $1.5 million dollars or they were going to file the sexual misconduct lawsuit against him. The demand letter also noted, “This will follow you for the rest of your life even if the matter does not go to trial.” (Note: This sounds like extortion.)

(Email Screenshot below) Angel Massey responded to the demand letter informing them that she willing to turn over bank statements to prove Kyle Massey “has no money or assets currently” so any attempt to extort him will fall short.

(Email screenshot below) Angel Massey also accuses Kindra Andreas of raping and molesting Kyle Massey when he was under 18. Angel goes on to accuse Kindra of providing her son with drugs and alcohol when he was a minor. She also noted Kindra introduced her son to oral as a minor.

(Email screenshot below) Kindra’s attorney rejects the allegations writing, “the ‘d**k pics’ he sent to her paint a very different picture than that of the non-consenting victim you have presented.” (Note: The attorney confirms Kyle sent the pics to the mother – not the daughter.)

(Email screenshot below) Angel also acknowledged that the SnapChat account Kyle allegedly sent explicit photos to is linked to Kindra Andreas’ telephone number, so he had no way of knowing her 13-year-old child had access to the account. Angel also noted Kyle only has telephone numbers for Kindra Andreas – not her daughter. (Note: Kyle is in a relationship so I’m not sure why he would be sending explicit photos to Kindra Andreas in the first place. Now, he’s caught up.)

So, let me recap this for you….

Kindra Andreas was allegedly sexing, drugging, molesting and raping Kyle Massey when he was a minor.

Kyle, now 27, stayed in touch with Kindra over the years. But, somewhere along the line, he apparently fell through on his promise to make Kindra’s daughter a star.

Fast forward, Kyle (who is in a relationship) decided to shoot Kindra a d**k pic through a SnapChat account linked to her telephone number. But, her 13-year-old daughter allegedly uses the account and received the photo.

Rather than contacting the police, Kindra Andreas has her attorney send Kyle Massey a demand letter for $1.5 million to settle things or they will file the lawsuit that will “follow him for the rest of his life.”

There you have it, Ladies and Gents! Peep Angel Massey’s posts below and let me know your thoughts. (Be sure to swipe in the embeds!)


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KYLE MASSEY IS THE VICTIM! Where is the justice for MEN?! Women get to say and do what they want and file lawsuits under JANE DOE! No the mother name is Kindra Andreas. My son name is Kyle Massey . Kindra is another mother just like me. Why does she not list her name in her complaint? THIS is #hetoo You can’t even look into her background without a name. What if this is a pattern from her? You would never know if her name is always JANE DOE on lawsuits? Just my opinion . My constitutional right to freedom of speech. Not accusing her of anything JUST MY THOUGHTS. SHARING MY PERSONAL EMAILS! @wendyshow @theshaderoom #LEEHUTTONATTORNEY #extortingkylemassey #kindraandreas #kindraandreasvskylemassey #attorneynevillejohnson #nevillejohnson #kindraandreasextortion #kylemasseymom #bullies #lukewalton #nba #kindraandreasmetooabuser #evergreenhealth #metoo #falselyaccused. KYLE MASSEY

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#HETOO #standwithkyle #kylemassey #angelmassey ALL WEEKEND LONG Kyle Massey was accused of sending an inappropriate picture of his penis to a minor. The second image of this post FROM HER ATTORNEYS to me and Kyle dad clearly says KYLE SENT THE PICTURE TO Ms.ANDREAS. Her daughter last name is different! Kindra Andreas is a liar and her lawsuit did not include ALL THE FACTS! Kyle Massey character speaks and always has spoken for itself! It’s sad that Kindra Andreas has altered not only the Massey family lives forever but hers as well ! As a mom we should always think about our kids first. In my opinion , she was so busy trying to destroy my son that she forgot about her own family, friends and career. NO JANE DOE! #nomore #tellthetruth @wendyshow @theshaderoom #LEEHUTTONATTORNEY #extortingkylemassey #kindraandreas #kindraandreasvskylemassey #dailyhiveseattle #kylemasseymom #lukewalton #nba #kindraandreasmetooabuser #evergreenhealth #metoo #falselyaccused. KYLE MASSEY

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