It’s bad enough to lose the love of your life. But, not even having the opportunity to say goodbye is heartbreaking…

Kristoff St. John‘s fiancée couldn’t attend his funeral to say her final goodbyes because her emergency visa request was denied.

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Kseniya Mikhaleva, who lives in Moscow, took to Instagram on Monday to share her heartbreak and frustration over being denied the chance to say her final goodbyes.

She also set the record straight on a few other things…

It is with deep regret and sorrow in my heart that I make this statement. For a year, I was the happiest women on Earth. That changed in a second. I still cannot believe that Kristoff is gone, so early, so unexpectedly, one month after our last meeting in Moscow.

In the two years that we were together, he taught me so much – how to love and be loved, how to open the best in other people, how to help people, and simply how to be a good human being. We planned to get married; we had many plans in the future together. With him gone, I have no idea what to do.

My thoughts and prayers are, first of all, with his two wonderful daughters whom he loved so much, with every member of his family, with his friends, and with the people that watched him every single day on television. People for whom he played, people who inspired him to work and live.

Also, I want to state that I have seen several funds claiming that they were opened by me. As of today, I have not opened and am not planning to open any funds. Everything that you see was/is fake.

Right now, I want to be with him, his family, and his friends. I am getting thousands of support texts on my Facebook and Instagram and people are asking why I am not with him and how they can help. Several weeks ago I applied for an “emergency” visa for the funeral to say goodbye my fiancé and beloved???.

Answer was “No”. My heart is broken. I am going through this with a huge pain in my heart, and realize that I don’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to him and put flowers on his grave. It is not right, not fair. ??

Fly, my love, and finally find peace ??❤️. Any person in my place would be torn into pieces. It’s scary, painful, that I cannot be with my loved one and his family on his last journey to eternal peace.RIP @kristoffstjohn ????

See Kseniya’s original post below.


My heart goes out to Kseniya and all who loved Kristoff St. John.

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