Kris Jenner Scoops $15 Million In New Deal With E!

Say what you want about Kris Jenner, but make sure you mention she knows how to secure the bag!

The matriarch of the Kardashian clan just made a $15 million come up by inking a massive $150 million renewal deal with E! for 5 more seasons of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Via TMZ:

Kris Jenner knows how to work it … because as well as scoring $150 million in the Kardashian’s new E! contract, she’s pocketed $15 million in manager’s fees.

It’s standard operating procedure in Hollywood for managers to take a fee. Fact is … Kris is giving her fam a break with a 10% fee, because many managers get 15%. Plus she’s the one who negotiated the deal, which is 50% higher than the last one the family signed with E! in 2015.

In this case, of the $150 million, $15 mil will be taken off the top for Kris. As we reported, the remaining $135 million will be split among the family as they see fit. And remember … Kris gets a piece of that pie.

As we told you, the $150 million covers all services provided by the family, and is payment for 5 cycles — or seasons — which will take them through 2019.

Gotta give it to her! Unfortunately, I still won’t be watching.