Welp… there’s nothing like being dumped on Valentine’s Day!

Jess Hilarious gave her comedy boo, Kountry Wayne, his walking papers on V Day after a visit with his kids appeared to be more like quality time with his ex.

The day started off nice and lovely with Jess posting her Valentine….

Jess Hilarious - Kountry Wayne

Then, Wayne’s ex posted a photo of him parlaying at her house. (Courtesy of TSR)

Jess Hilarious dumps Kountry Wayne

And just like that – Jess was done…wit da quickness!

Jess Hilarious dumps Kountry Wayne

Responding to a fan who asked if Wayne paid her the UNO money, Jess Hilarious wrote:

He surely did pay me my $23K, along with my NEW HOUSE he bought me for my birthday and…Chile lemme stop for the she post about him seeing the kids again ?

Kountry Wayne posted a video on his Instagram page, once again, explaining himself and why he got dumped on Valentine’s Day.


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Apparently, Wayne wasn’t as forthcoming as he should have been, because his ex, Renee, commented in response to the video writing:

But why you ain’t say what was saying tho?? ? How you don’t want me moving on bc I don’t know what the future holds…and to trust the process…

You know about ya’ll just business and she got a Netflix special coming out and show that you was trying to be on?

You being a real baby daddy right now…but just keep that same energy when I say I’m single. GM Dewayne.

Chile…Your thoughts?

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