Comedian Kountry Wayne wasn’t cracking jokes or dancing when he took to social media to address the backlash he’s received from fans after he filed for divorce and now has a budding romance with Jess Hilarious.

The dust-up began when Wayne posted a video showing off a diamond pinky ring Jess bought him as a gift.

Fans began to question Wayne’s wife about his relationship with Jess.

Gena appeared to be Ray Charles to their divorce because she claims she hasn’t seen one divorce petition yet.

She went as far as posting and deleting their marriage certificate – I assume to remind Wayne he just might still be married.

Kountry Wayne was clearly perturbed when he posted a video saying:

I can do what I wanna do now – I take care of me.

And I was taking good care of my kids before this comedy and that’s all that matters.

As long as I’m in my kids’ lives and I take care of my kids…aye…you don’t know what’s going on.

Watch below.



Jess Hilarious wants to make it very clear that she isn’t a homewrecker and added that Wayne’s wife knows what’s up!



Whew chile… your thoughts?

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