Korryn Gaines documented her run-ins with police on social media and some instances turned very ugly. She would often had her son videotape the encounters.

In one video, Korryn told her son, “They gone try to fight me. Do you understand? And I want you to record every part. Do you understand? Don’t be afraid.”



In another video, Korryn told Kodi, “Don’t be afraid. You see what they do to us, right? You fight them. They are not for us. They want to kill us, and you never, ever back down from them.”

During her standoff with police, Korryn posted videos to Facebook and Instagram. Baltimore police confirmed they had her Facebook page shut down.

“We did in fact reach out to social media authorities to deactivate her account,” Police Chief Jim Johnson said, “in order to preserve the integrity of the negotiation process with her and for the safety of our personnel, her child.”

Korryn’s Instagram page is still up and shows the gun she allegedly threatened police with was purchased legally and registered.



Korryn had very strong views about self-defense. In one post she wrote, “Self defense is self love.”

Her mother said Gaines’ political views were “for everybody.”

Dormeus stated, “Not all of her beliefs I agreed with. Her heart was in a good place, she loved her black people, and she just wanted them to see things for what she felt it really was.”

“She’s always been extremely friendly, outgoing,” Dormeus said. “I can sum it up like this, either you’re going to like her or you wouldn’t.”

A 2012 lawsuit filed in Baltimore claims Korryn suffered “neurological impairments” and lost “significant IQ points” as a result of lead poisoning.

Gaines sought $918,000 in damages.

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