Kordell Stewart Wins Defamation Suit Against Andrew ‘Delivert’ Caldwell

Credit: Prince Williams | Facebook

A lie don’t care who tells it, but a judge might!

Kordell Stewart has won a default judgement in his defamation suit against Andrew “Delivert” Caldwell.

You may remember that time Andrew claimed Kordell slept with him and showered him with money and expensive gifts. But, once the block got hot, Andrew recanted his salacious tale and admitted that he lied.

Unfortunately, the damage was already done.

In court docs, Kordell Stewart maintains he has always been a straight man and the false accusations were not only embarrassing, but it added kerosene to the gay rumors that have plagued him for over 10 years.

Andrew failed to appear in court to answer the lawsuit because…well, you can’t get blood from a turnip. However, on November 4, a judge granted Kordell’s motion for a default judgement.

A hearing has been set for Kordell Stewart to provide evidence of his damages so a dollar amount can be placed on his “pain.”

Looks like Andrew may need to be delivert again.

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