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Kordell Stewart Explains Video Leaked By His Alleged Ex-Boyfriend & Blames Porsha Williams For Setting Him Up (Video)

Kordell Stewart‘s alleged freaky secrets just keep spilling in the streets! Now, he’s offering an explanation for the latest scandal to rock his world.

On Thursday, the former NFL star was put on full monty blast by an alleged ex-boyfriend, who leaked a video Kordell sent him showing off his peen and his booty!

In an email to Funky Dineva, the alleged scorned lover wrote:

I have to give it to him, he started this well. We became friends, then close friends, slept in the bed together on trips without doing anything. Then one day… I woke up and while laying in bed he brought up last sexual encounters. He told me about how he let two girls suck his d**k and one started licking his a**. He asked had I ever done or would I… I said maybe. He jokingly said “with me”? I said maybe… nothing happened for months until we got drunk and he aggressively said he wanted. Needless to say that began our relationship.

It was good for a while until his ex wife came back around. I didn’t really care because he always talked about Porsha. Once he started knocking her off he never brought her up. He was giving her money every week, and would get mad when I said she’s using you.

Speaking exclusively to TMZ, Kordell admits it’s him in the video (he really couldn’t deny that), but he says he sent the video to a girl he was dating and her phone was stolen.

This was given to the girl I was dating, the lady I was talking to. Her phone was stolen!

It’s bullish*t! I don’t mess with no dudes!

Kordell Stewart did say he believes his ex-wife, Porsha Williams, may have a hand in this mess.

Porsha knows! Because she was supposed to meet with the person, the girl I was dating, but she ended up meeting with someone else.

This comes from my ex! 100% from my ex! Nowhere else…

He goes on to explain how Porsha basically gave him a heads-u and told him to get ready for “something big.”

Watch below as Kordell explains:

Do you believe Kordell?

Meanwhile on Instagram…

I only have one question…if Mr. Stewart was sending that video to a woman…why would he show her his behind?

Speaking of booty…Kordell did inspire me to get back on my squats!

Your thoughts?

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