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Kordell Stewart Awarded $3M In Defamation Suit Against Andrew Caldwell

A lie doesn’t care who tells it, but a Dekalb County Superior Court judge does.

Kordell Stewart has been awarded a default judgement of $3 MILLION in his defamation suit against Andrew Caldwell for his [false] gay accusations about the former NFL star.

During an October 2015 radio show interview, Andrew claimed Kordell slept with him and showered him with money and gifts.

When the block got hot, Andrew Caldwell tried to recant his salacious tale and admitted that he lied. But, the damage was already done and the lawsuit was in motion.

In court docs, Kordell Stewart maintains he has always been a straight man and the false accusations were not only embarrassing, but it added kerosene to the gay rumors that have plagued him for over 10 years.

Kordell Stewart added that he has lost income, experienced emotional distress, and his son was bullied in school over the false accusations.

Andrew never bothered to appear in court and Kordell was awarded a default judgement last November.

Porsha Williams‘ ex went for Andrew’s entire existence by seeking $4.5 million in damages, however a judge opted to give him $1.5 million and an additional $1.5 million in punitive damages.

See the court document.

Not knowing when to leave well enough alone, Andrew took to Facebook and wrote, “Gotta set the record straight. Kordell knows the truth. I live in Missouri and he filed his lawsuit in Georgia. #NoJurisdiction #NoMoney”

Peep his video response below.


Good luck to Kordell Stewart on collecting that judgement.

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